Day Trip to the Beach from Seattle

The Washington coast has many great beaches, so the hardest decision you will be forced to make is which one to visit this weekend.  In this article we take a look a few Washington Beaches that are perfect for a quick day trip to the beach, including some tips on what to bring, and travel time from Seattle. 

Ocean Shores

Where it is: Washington’s Central Pacific Coast
Drive time to Downtown Seattle: 2 hours 30 minutes
What to bring: binoculars, jeans, surfboard, kites, fishing gear

This area is so popular that thousands of long-legged lesser sandhill cranes visit it each spring, so grab your binoculars and head there to laugh at their antics after a frustrating workweek. Saddle up your favorite mount or rent one allowing you to ride on the beautiful sandy beaches in this friendly community. Bring along a friend so that you can beat him at a game of golf right before you settle down in front of a campfire. Alternatively, if you have children, bring along the kites for some high-flying fun. While most anglers do not want to tell anyone, this is a favorite spot for fishing either from the shore or from a boat. Head to the south end of town for some amazing swells, so be sure to tie your surfboard to the top of your car. Go ahead and call in on Monday before you leave for your weekend getaway because you will need an extra day to explore this community and the surrounding area.

Grayland Beach

Where it is: Southwest Washington
Drive time to Downtown Seattle: 2 hours 30 minutes
What to Bring: Clam digging tools, sand castle building molds, tent

Guarded by stoic pine trees, Grayland is an outstanding place to build a sandcastle. Set your mouth to watering because Grayland Beach offers some of the best clam digging conditions in the world about an hour before low tide. Throw in your tent or bring along money to rent a yurl allowing you to enjoy the well-maintained campground. Plan on hiking the primitive trail to Borrow Lake if you can tear yourself away from the sandy beaches. Get your parents a gift at the antique store while indulging in a homemade ice cream sundae.

Birch Bay

Where it is: Washington’s Cascade Loop
Drive time to Downtown Seattle: 1 hour 45 minutes
What to Bring: Camera, kayak, bikes, golf clubs

If you are looking to live life at a slower pace, then you may want to consider heading to Birch Bay. Play golf at one of the five championship golf courses or take a kayak out in the bay’s protected waters. Wakeboarders also find near perfect conditions in the bay on many days. Photographers will enjoy the many scenic places to take photos of tide pools, eelgrass and sandbars. The state park is a great place to reconnect with nature on a bike ride. The unusual combination of low and high tides makes this a seashell collector’s paradise


Where it is: Kitsap Peninsula
Drive Time to Seattle: 1 hour 45 minutes including ferry time
What to bring: sand toys, shade tent, fishing gear

If you are looking for a place with breathtaking views, consider going to Hansville which is home to Point No Point. Plan your trip on the weekend so that you can take the docent-led tour of the oldest Puget Sound lighthouse. Find perfect sand conditions here for foot and hand burying fun, but be forewarned that there is no shade. If you have youngsters, they will enjoy climbing through the driftwood shelters left by other beachgoers. Take the path away from the sand, and you will find breathtaking views of sailboats, ferries and cargo ships sailing in the nearby water. Anglers enjoy fishing here year round, but especially during the salmon run. 

There are many great places for getaways on the Washington Coast. Pick your favorite and head there today. 



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