Delta Enhances The Onboard Experience For Premium Economy Passengers

The Atlanta-based airline debuted enhanced in-flight service for customers flying in the airline’s premium economy cabin on long-haul flights on Tuesday.

Highlights include a renovated dining experience, new amenities and new bedding.

The first phase of improved service begins Sept. 20, when Delta introduces new menus and new tableware.

New entrée options promoted by Delta include:

Short rib braised with fingerling potatoes and Dijon green peppercorn jus.Impossible Polenta meatballs with pomodorini sauce and broccoliniChicken thighs with honey harissa sauce, jollof rice, and stewed greens

After departure, Delta will also introduce a new “Bubbles and Bites” offering that includes sparkling wine, water and an amuse-bouche.

The airline will introduce new

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