Note Apps for Mobile Phones and Tablets – OneNote or Evernote – Which is Best?

With the prevalence of mobile phones and tablets being used in the workplace and in university classes, the search is on for the best mobile app for note taking. There are tons out there. There are two that are the most downloaded and used: OneNote and Evernote. Here we discuss which one is best. And which one you should be using.

The right note taking app can organize your notes, audio notes, photos, and more. It can be used for work, college, or simply everyday tasks and organization. Before you can choose a favorite, consider what your use will be. What are the most important features for you? What can you not live without? This is the most important step before even looking at the apps. If you don’t know what you are going to use it for, how can you choose the one that will best meet your needs?

An important factor is price. OneNote is included in some of the Microsoft Office Suites, which vary in price, generally starting at $100. The current version of OneNote, as an individual download, is $70. Evernote starts with a free plan for up to 60MB of data per month. Upgrades are available with increased features and options for up to $120/year (Evernote for Business).

You might think that OneNote is tied to Microsoft, but luckily it has apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Evernote has similar availability for a variety of operating systems.

Both apps use a “notebook” organization technique. Each notebook contains the notes that apply to it. Keyword features are also offered. Evernote has more organizational controls for content.

What sets Evernote apart from OneNote is a variety of additional apps for use with Evernote, as well as third-party compatible apps available on its website. One additional app is Skitch, an app that allows the use of annotation, sketches, and shapes with a note. Penultimate is a handwriting app developed for iPad. It has the Evernote features, but the feeling of writing with pen on paper. Colors, sketching ability, and sharing are all a part of Penultimate. The Evernote Web Clipper works best with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. It allows users to save texts, images, and even links from online right to their Evernote accounts with one or two clicks. Evernote Hello is an app for creating a browsable history of individuals. Simply enter an email address, scan a business card, take names from a meeting, connect with a group, to obtain information about people and save it. Evernote Food encourages users to use pictures to note memorable cooking or dining experiences. Evernote Clearly cleans up blogs or web pages for distraction free reading, removing advertising and other distracting background images and replacing them with a plain background. Evernote Peek is for students. It takes notes that the user has created on their iPad and allows them to use the smart cover to view questions, clues, and answers.

Clearly, Evernote is continuing to expand its suite of tools. If you are seeking a note taking tool that is cutting-edge and in motion, Evernote is the clear winner. If you simply want a note taking app that… takes notes, OneNote may be all you need.

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