A radio station in Washington D.C. is back to using its regular call letters after spending the weekend dedicating itself to Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III as he recovered from knee surgery[1].

WPGC, which claims to be “DC’s home of at least 18 jams in a row” (although Mike Shanahan would require they play 40 jams in a row, even if the tracks started obviously skipping), changed its name to WRG3 from Friday through Sunday night[2], in a gesture meant to “show some love and respect to a man who gave everything he had for the Redskins, the city and the fans.”

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Fans were encouraged to leave messages of support for the healing quarterback on the station’s website, which an entire six of them did. The name change was the first since the station adopted its call letters in 1958.

This all seemed like a bit of a pointless exercise, although maybe they just needed a little more cooperation on Griffin’s part.

I dare any Boston area station to change its nickname to “Gronk Rock” this weekend in sympathy with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s re-injured broken arm[4]. There would probably be a 50 percent chance that he’d show up in a cast on Saturday and start blasting his own custom playlist.


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