TikTok Artist Jax Calls Out Victoria’s Secret for ‘Making Money Off of Girls Like Me’ in Hot 100-Charting Single

TikTok star Jax’s body-positive anthem “Victoria’s Secret” was written prior to the Hulu docuseries “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons,” which offers a glimpse into the scandalous connection between Jefferey Epstein and disgraced Victoria’s Secret founder Les Wexner. But the timing turned out to be  perfect — and warranted — as the singer delivered “Body-insecuri-tea” to her social media audience of 11 million followers.

“I would like to take credit for the genius timing of the release but honestly we had no idea the Hulu documentary was coming out,” she tells Variety. “In fact, the producers saw my first Victoria’s Secret TikTok before their premiere and immediately asked me to

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