Seattle Restaurant Week is the most wonderful time of the year for any foodie. Seattle and its surrounding cities bring forth the best of their food options. One can take a venture into new territories, by exploring restaurants they have yet to try, or indulge in a favored dining experience.


In case you have yet to experience this wonderful activity, Seattle Restaurant Week is an annual occurrence. This year it’s happening April 2-19 in Seattle and surrounding cities. You can visit their website for a full listing of all participating restaurants. From there you can take your pick as to whether you prefer a dinner experience, or a tasty lunch experience. The specific deals take place Sunday through Thursday each week, so you can enjoy a nice break in your workday, or have something to look forward to at the end of the day.


This is a great opportunity to discover new cuisine, new restaurants in your area, or take a special date night. Whenever and wherever you decide to visit, we have a few tips for you.


A key point to consider is how much time you have. As this is a great opportunity, many people will be partaking in being a part of Seattle Restaurant Week. This means that places are going to be busier and you may need to wait longer. Your best option, if you have the opportunity, is to make reservations in advance. This way you can prevent a prolonged waiting period.


Another suggestion is to review the specials associated with Seattle Restaurant Week. Some restaurants offer an adjusted menu that differs from their regular menu. Not only will you be more aware of what is out there, you will tease your taste buds and be ready for consuming a delicious meal the minute you walk through the door!


Visit Seattle Restaurant Week and then let us know your favorite restaurants and favorite dishes. We will be sending our team out to give them a try!



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