Peacock Unveils ‘Girls5Eva’ FYC Campaign, Including Effort to Support Local L.A. Music Venues (EXCLUSIVE)

Peacock has unveiled a “Girls5eva” Emmy FYC plan that includes sending a karaoke bus around the streets of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, and also taking over the marquees of two landmark music venues.

The customized, open-air double-decker “Girls5eva” karaoke bus, part of what creator Meredith Scardino helped dub the “5 Your Emmy Consideration” campaign, will embark next weekend, from Friday, June 11, to Sunday, June 13, noon to 8 p.m. PT both days.

The karaoke bus will pick up Emmy voters and fans from a central point and travel through Hollywood and West Hollywood as they’re asked to sing songs from “Girls5eva” or tunes from real-life 90s girl

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