Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Bill Gates on ‘Nerdist,’ the Sonics, and the NFL is the Worst

Bill Gates enjoys his burrito with the Nerdist crew.

 Before performing standup comedy in Seattle at the Neptune Theatre two weekends ago, Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist Podcast crew were able to sit down to record a chat with local nerd icon (and very rich dude) Bill Gates. The main topic was the Gates Foundation’s annual letter, but there was also some amusing old school computing talk. Download or stream the episode at your leisure[1]. (Bonus: The episode is a window into how annoying public relations people can be.)

 Leading up to the Super Bowl, there’s been a glut of coverage regarding the New England Patriots deflating the footballs in the AFC Championship Game (aka Deflategate). Rather than deal with it all, check out Charles P. Pierce’s take on the absurdity of the whole situation[2]. He’s probably the best sportswriter out there, so this is the only piece on the topic that you really need to read.

SCOFF The National Football League is the worst, you guys. The whole season has been one long series of incompetent, hypocritical blunders by commissioner Roger Goodell. The latest entry comes at the (literal) expense of the Seahawks. The NFL fined Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for grabbing his junk as he waltzed into the end zone during the NFC Championship game. So clearly the league are not standing by such vulgar behavior… except it turned around and started selling collectable collages with an image of Lynch’s offensive gesture (which are now sold out). Seriously, the worst.[3]

 Local outdoor gear titan REI makes a crucial cameo in standup comedian Joe Mande’s very funny new bit about the movie Wild. (Warning: Profane language.)

 The Sonics are back! No, not the basketball team (sorry, everyone); the legandary Seattle garage rock outfit. In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the band’s influential debut album Here Are the Sonics, the Sonics got back together to record a new record, This is the Sonics, which will come out on March 31. Last week the band released the album’s first song, “Bad Betty,” which features the group’s trademark blend of noisy rock and saxophone wailing. On April 2, the Sonics celebrate This is the Sonics‘s release with a concert at the Moore Theatre[4] with Mudhoney.

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