‘Medusa Deluxe’ Review: One-Shot Hairdressing Murder Mystery Is an Elaborate, Backcombed Tease

In “Medusa Deluxe,” the serpents aren’t in the hair, but all around it: a writhing, hissing collective of human predators slinking around the various parlors and platforms of a high-level hairdressing competition. Most are venomous, and at least one is deadly, or so it seems when a star stylist is found, not just murdered but quite literally scalped, the night before his widely expected victory in the contest. That’s the setup for British writer-director Thomas Hardiman’s splashy, hooky debut feature “Medusa Deluxe,” an arch, gossip-fueled murder mystery that delights more in rounding up its many unusual suspects than in any kind of logical, procedural detective work: Whodunnit isn’t a

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