How the ‘Bones and All’ Cannibal Scenes Were Brought to Life: A Baby Bottle, Syrup and Brownies

Luca Guadagnino’s latest cinematic release, “Bones and All,” is a grisly return to the horror genre for the director, whose last hair-raising feature was 2018’s “Suspiria.” But in order to bring the film’s sickening cannibal scenes to life, Guadagnino heavily relied upon the talents of his long-time make-up department head and close friend Fernanda Perez.

“I always brought baby bottles of some mouth blood,” Perez told Variety, describing how fake blood was used in each of the scenes. “It was ridiculous because I was always following the actors with this baby bottle. But for Mrs. Harmon’s scene and for the end of the movie, we used a

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