Hans Zimmer on ‘Dune’ Score’s Electronic Textures and Made-Up Choral Language … and His Head Start on Part 2

For composer Hans Zimmer, scoring “Dune” was a dream come true. He read Frank Herbert’s massive sci-fi novel when he was 18 and has revisited it often, imagining the sounds of the desert planet Arrakis, the sandworms and the invaluable spice that makes interstellar travel possible.

“The first person I talked to was Hans,” director Denis Villeneuve reports. The two were finishing work on 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049” at the time, and the composer became “obsessed with the idea of trying to create music from another world, from another time.”

Nothing in the 11-time Oscar nominee’s 37-year, 140-film career sounds like “Dune.” Eerie, ominous and dramatic, it is a

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