‘Fargo’ Stars and Producers Break Down Season 5 and Jon Hamm’s Fake Pierced Nipples: ‘There Was a Dedicated Nippleologist’

Juno Temple has just learned about Jon Hamm’s “Fargo” stunt nipples, and she’s in awe. “A full, fake nipple?,” she asks, turning to her co-star at FX’s “Fargo” Season 5 premiere screening and panel on Nov. 15 at Nya Studios. There’s a lot to unpack with this season’s already critically acclaimed ‘Fargo’ installment, which dives into topics of ‘Minnesota Nice,’ crippling debt and so much more.

But first, let’s get what the people want to know out of the way: Hamm’s character has visibly pierced nipples as he enjoys his hot tub “in moist repose.” But turns out, it’s Hollywood magic. 

“I had to have some very

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