‘Event Horizon’ at 25: Paul W.S. Anderson Recalls Paramount Fearing His Horror Film Slandered ‘Star Trek’

When Paramount got its first look at a cut of “Event Horizon” in 1997, some studio executives thought that director Paul W.S. Anderson had made a film so disturbing that it slandered outer space itself.

“Someone actually said to me, ‘We’re the studio that makes Star Trek!’” Anderson recalled with a grin on his face. “They weren’t only horrified by my movie; they felt I was besmirching ‘Star Trek’ somehow, because I was also in space and doing all this terrible stuff.”

Peppered with images of unspooled astronaut guts and suicidal blood orgies, it’s safe to say that “Event Horizon” had boldly gone where no “Star Trek” entry had

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