Eva Longoria Sets Lead Cast for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Inventor Biopic

Eva Longoria’s prestige project “Flamin’ Hot,” about the inventor of the spicy Cheetos snack, has found its stars in actors Jesse Garcia and Annie Gonzalez.

An award-winning actor and prolific TV director, Longoria is ramping up to a feature directorial era with the Searchlight project, which tells the inspirational story of Richard Montañez. A janitor at Frito Lay, Montañez took inspiration from his Mexican American heritage to create the wildly popular snack Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Garcia will play Montañez and Gonzalez will portray his wife Judy. Additionally, Linda Yvette Chavez has taken a pass on the script from writer Lewis Colick (“October Sky”). Chavez is the acclaimed creator of

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