Danny Trejo to Star as Ferdinand Magellan in ‘1521’ Philippines-Set Historical Actioner (EXCLUSIVE)

Hollywood actor Danny Trejo (“Machete,” “Con Air,” “Heat”) has been cast for the role of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in “1521,” an upcoming historical epic that charts the pre-colonial era of the Philippines depicting the Battle of Mactan, Variety has learned.

Produced by Filipino-American filmmaker Francis B. Lara Ho of Inspire Studios (“Angel Warrior,” “Palawan: Last Man Out”), “1521” is a U.S.-Philippines production that follows the journey of Magellan, who led the Spanish expedition and was one of the first Europeans to travel to Asia. He reached the archipelago that is known as Philippines today on March 16, 1521.

The script of “1521” was penned by Mary Krell-Oishi. Principal

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