Crafting the Sights and Sounds of ‘C’mon C’mon’

Monochrome is in vogue this awards season as major contenders including “Belfast,” “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and “Passing” have all opted for lush black-and-white cinematography. Mike Mills called on “The Favourite” DP Robbie Ryan to shoot his latest project, “C’mon C’mon,” with similar rich imagery.

“I freaking love black-and-white movies,” Mills says. “It’s not a binary choice. It’s part of the history of cinema.” The movie, which A24 releases Nov. 19, centers on Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Johnny, a grizzled documentary filmmaker who has never had children, and his precocious, inquisitive 9-year-old nephew Jesse (Woody Norman), who embark on a road trip across the U.S. Mills says there’s something archetypal

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