China Box Office: ‘Tom and Jerry’ Falters Amid Strong Local Holdovers

Tom and Jerry” squeaked in a narrow fifth in China with a $12.4 million debut, failing to capture viewers still flocking to local Chinese New Year holdover titles over the Lantern Festival holiday weekend.

The Warner Bros. hybrid animated live-actioner skittered into the world’s largest film market with just $8,000 (RMB50,000) less than its closest competitor, the fourth place local fantasy adventure “A Writer’s Odyssey,” which earned around $12.4 million as well.

It fell, however, further behind the Chinese New Year frontrunners “Hi, Mom,” “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Endgame,” which came in first through third with $53.3 million, $19.7 million and $14.5 million, respectively.

China sales for “Tom and

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