Beyoncé Announces Country-Themed ‘Renaissance Part II’ Album in Verizon Super Bowl Ad, Drops Two New Songs

In an elaborate series of teaser videos, Beyonce has announced the long-awaited Part II of her 2022 “Renaissance” album — and as long rumored, it appears to be a country-leaning album, due March 29.

In the elaborate, self-referencing ad, we see Beyonce scrolling through songs on an iPhone, then at a lemonade stand (referencing her 2016 classic album of the same name), following with a series of plays on her name: “Barbey,” referencing Barbie, “BOTUS,” saying she’ll be the first female president, then the first woman to launch the first rocket for the first woman in space.

Finally, she says, “OK, they ready — drop the new

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