At ‘Tarantino Live,’ Director’s Soundtracks Come to Life, With a Little Help From Jackie Brown, the Bride and the Gimp

What do the Bride, Jackie Brown, Django, Mia Wallace, Hans Landa, Cottonmouth, Stuntman Mike McKay, Mr. Pink, Charles Manson and the Gimp all have in common? For one thing, that they’re all characters in a stage musical now playing at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood.

But its creators would rather that you not call “Tarantino Live” a musical per se, or at least not boil it down strictly to that term. For one thing, its “book” — largely an amalgam of dialogue from Quentin Tarantino’s movies — is a sort of loose fantasia tying characters and themes from the films together into a surreal, seriocomic knot, more than any

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