TikTok’s Next Big Move? To Become Facebook

The email hit staff inboxes on a Tuesday in early November. With it came a significant change to ByteDance, the Chinese company behind the hit app TikTok and its domestic counterpart, Douyin. An organization famous for its flat hierarchy—any employee, regardless of their standing, has long been able to direct-message founder Zhang Yiming on Lark, ByteDance’s version of Slack—was starting to build silos and more formal structures for its business.

Six new units, it was announced, were being established within ByteDance, covering the Chinese and international versions of its short-form video apps; an online learning arm; Lark, its workplace collaboration tool; Nuverse, its game development unit; and <a data-offer-url="https://www.businessinsider.com/bytedances-new-byteplus-division-selling-tiktoks-underlying-tech-2021-4" class="external-link"

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