Justin Trudeau Will Be Headed to Seattle to Participate in 2017 Microsoft Summit

Prime Minister Trudeau will be encouraging investments for the Canadian technology sector. He would like to draw global talent and start rolling in more tech investments into Canada. He welcomes the chance to involve more talent globally into Canada. Microsoft Summit will be held Wednesday, May 17th-Thursday May 18th.

Canada’s government site just updated information stating that Canada’s influential Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced he will be participating in WA state’s innovative tech event, Microsoft Summit. This will allow Trudeau to try to intertwine Canada with more future investments in the tech world globally.

Trudeau has been quoted in a recent news release stating, “Canada’s greatest strength is its skilled, hard-working, creative, and diverse workforce.” He also stated that “Canada is recognized as a world leader in research and development in many areas like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and 3D programming. Our government will continue to help Canadian business grow and create good, well-paying middle-class jobs in today high-tech economy.”

Bill Gates created Microsoft summit and launched it in 1997. “Navigating Change,” will be this year’s theme and focus. Microsoft Summit will have 150 of their chief executives. On top of meeting Microsoft’s top hotshot executives. He will also be meeting with WA Governor Jay Inslee.

Microsoft founded the CEO Summit in 1997 to provide CEOs who are corporate with a convention that they can attain information on issues that they can debate within the business, economic and technology trends. Leading leaders worldwide from over 35 countries will be participating this year.

Trudeau plans on discussing how Canadian Government is attempting to help entrepreneurs to implement their concepts into booming business ideas with the intentions to help flourish Canada’s technology.

According to Microsoft’s Fast Fact Sheets, Trust in technology and The Race to Space will be the top topics of discussions this year.

The Race to Space will discuss the imagination the world has captured in the 20th century. It focuses on the technologies that have become a revolution in the development of today’s technology. It has allowed citizens who have invested their own money into advancing the exploration and comprehension of space. Trust in technology delves more into debating over information pertaining trust in technology that has progressively moved from the back office to the front page. As concerns grow over emails being hacked by foreign governments and information being encrypted. A rise in international disputes and tensions have arisen between governments internationally that have involved a movement of data across borders. Trying to figure out how to grow regulatory demands pertaining to the protection of privacy is essential to the complexity of web issues.

Not all of Seattle is amused or pleased with Trudeau’s intentions in participating. There are many that are outraged with Trudeau’s recent choices and stances on Fossil Fuel infrastructure. He has taken a stance with Trans Mountain Expansion and Keystone XL Pipeline. His large interest in these recent projects has caught the attention of a Seattle activist group. 

The group that intends on taking direct action and holding an emergency meeting is “Two Spirit Media.” They plan on meeting at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle. The location of their march is to be disclosed at a later date.

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